About Musikata


Musikata's mission is to help people learn music.

Music builds our minds, our bodies, and our villages. We believe it is important to help people connect with music.


Musikata provides beautiful musical training, inspired by the metaphors of the martial arts.

One metaphor is the metaphor of the dojo. A dojo is a school of training. It embodies the ideas of practice and community. Musikata seeks to create a community of musical learners.

Another metaphor is the metaphor of kata. Kata are simple exercises that are practiced regularly to build fundamental skills. Musikata provides beautiful exercises to help people train their musical skills.


(In Haiku)

Bamboo stalks bending
Images, words, sounds, stories
We strive for beauty


Everything in balance
Light and dark, challenge and rest
The moon and the sun


Our village is here
Flying, singing together
Like a flock of birds


We make the journey
Seking growth, finding ourselves
Forever learning


Monks sitting in field
Seeking deep enlightenment
Laugh when cow says mu


Alexander Dorsk

Alex is the founder of Musikata. He lives in Cambridge, MA, USA and enjoys playing accordion, ukulele, and many other instruments.

He is interested in how games and other media can help people connect with music and each other.

Ardon Shorr

Ardon Shorr is a Ph.D. candidate in biology at Carnegie Mellon. His undergraduate majors at Oberlin were neuroscience and music theory.

His TEDx talk "Unlocking Music with Neuroscience" was an editor's choice on the TEDx blog.